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Software Development

When we talk about creating software, we like to keep an open mind. We are big believers in proportional development. This involves understanding your needs right now, and moving forward. So that we can plan out your solution both to solve your immediate business challenges, while also supporting your journey into the future.

Many software companies have standardised ways of working that they are unwilling to change to better meet your needs. We operate in a modular way, allowing us to tailor our work, to not meet generic business standards, but your standards. Making sure that best is really best for you.

This puts us in the unique position where we can rapidly develop and deploy viable products that don't need replacing as your business evolves.

What we offer

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Application Rapid Prototyping & MVP Creation

If you have a project deadline rapidly approaching and fear this might get missed, please reach out. We have met and exceeded our client's internal teams estimates when it comes to deadlines. Not only delighting our clients, but their customers, allowing our clients to capture and grow additional opportunities that would have otherwise been missed.

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Software Design, Development & Testing

We have experience across our team of creating and working on over 100 software products. We approach all of our software projects as a collaborative undertaking bringing together your business knowledge, our technology skill set and our experience of previous applications. It is through this collaboration that we can truly produce something that we are both proud of.

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Application Monitoring & Support Services

We offer application monitoring and support to customers who have applications that are no longer cost effective to support in-house. We can either host these applications on your behalf or support these on your existing infrastructure. Please see our cloud services for potential hosting options and benefits.


When selecting tools, we always select the right tool for the job. That doesn't mean we don't have our favourites, but we feel the right tool for our client is far more important. More recently we became a Microsoft Partner, this was an easy decision to make as we love the tools and platforms they build. Below are just a few of the tools we have had the opportunity to work with:

Preferred Tools


.Net Core Used for: RESTful APIs, Microservices, Desktop Applications and Azure Functions.

.Net core has been around for several years now. Not only does it bring a strong foundation with the .Net Framework history, but it also adds common sense improvements making it easier to work with and maintain. The big one though is the addition of cross platform support!


C# Used for: Anything .Net Core, or .Net Framework.

We have over 10 years of experience working with C#. This has ranged from .Net 2.0 right through to .Net Core, and has involved us working on everything from desktop applications, MVC websites and web services, right up to RESTful APIs, microservices and serverless functions.


JavaScript Used for: Dynamic Webpages, node.js and Single Page Applications.

JavaScript is our go-to language for all things client-side web. More recently this has been brought fullstack with the addition of node, and more structure added through single page frameworks.


TypeScript Used with: ReactJS, Angular and Node.js.

When JavaScript just won't cut it, TypeScript is there to lend a helping hand. We leverage TypeScript, depending on our customer's needs. Under the hood, TypeScript still end up as JavaScript, however it does take slightly longer to write with the tradeoff being long term maintainability.

ReactJS logo

ReactJS Used for: Single Page Applications.

React is our favourite single page framework, this allows whole applications to run client-side while being component based and modular. This gives the users a one-off hit to load the application, but then transitions are seamless between screens.


SQL Used for: Relational Databases & CosmosDB.

While we normally use Entity Framework for all our database querying needs, sometimes this just doesn't cut it. We use SQL for everything from creating databases to writing advanced queries to extract reporting data. We have also leveraged SQL for real-time stream analytics, which is just as cool as it sounds!

Other tools we have used:


Node.js Used for: APIs and Web Sites.

Node provides a JavaScript (or TypeScript) alternative to .Net Core. While we love .Net core, sometimes our clients are in a position to better support Node.js applications. When this is the case, we're inclined to choose the best tool for the job!


Java Used for: APIs and Microservices.

Java, not to be confused with JavaScript, provides much the same set of functionality as C#. This is a type safe, object-oriented language, we have produced and maintained microservices built using the Spring framework on behalf of our clients.


Visual Basic Used for: APIs and Web Sites.

Although, falling out of favour as C# picks up more fans, visual basic still exists in both its VB6 and VB.Net incarnations. In these situations we have both offered support, including bug fixing, and when the time comes migration options.

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Angular Used for: Single Page Applications.

Angular is the second of the two single page application frameworks that we have worked with. While, it's not our personal favourite, we're happy to work with the best tools for you. Whether this is based on in-house experience, timescales, or what your hosting platform best supports.

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Python Used for: Data Science, Data Engineering & Jupyter Notebooks.

Python is great for data, whether that's processing and moving massive data sets, or applying machine learning. Over the past 5 years, Python has become the data language of choice. We have used python in both the data engineering and artificial intelligence fields


So Many More...

With so many tools on the market, and the ability to apply these in so many different ways, it is hard to list them all. If there is a specific tool you feel we have missed, please let us know.

Next Steps

Whether your software application is conceptual, designed, partially implemented or abandoned, we are ready to drive your project to success.

Reach Out

Please get in touch, we are happy to have no obligation discussions around your project offering our insight. If you choose to go ahead and work with us we will provide documentation outlining the deliverables we aim to achieve and can agree the next steps.