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Cloud Consultancy

Our passion for cloud blossomed after working on many software projects that were delayed by the infrastructure acquisition process. Cloud offers the ability to have infrastructure available almost immediately compared to enterprise hardware which can take anywhere from weeks to months or even years.

The cloud also offers two other benefits we see as core:

Costs, hardware and infrastructure are intrinsically expensive costing anywhere from £1,000s to £1,000,000s for commercial grade equipment. The cloud changes all of that enabling you to subscribe to all the services required to host a web application for less than £100 per month. This is the case even if you want to host applications to be used by 1,000,000s of customers. Entry level costs let you get started at an affordable level, and progress to more powerful or advanced services as your customer base or budget grow. Offering new depths of flexibility and agility.

PaaS, Platform as a Service. PaaS takes away the requirement for you to manage the underlying infrastructure that you run your software on. A new generation of cloud services offer tools that are explicitly designed to serve a singular purpose. These begin with web hosting and databases, and expand to encompass any number of niché tools including machine learning and artificial intelligence. While the traditional infrastructure doesn't really go away, this becomes someone elses responsibility. In the case of Microsoft Azure, this is then handled by Microsoft experts behind the scenes, leaving you to focus on your project instead of keeping servers up-to-date.

What we offer

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Cloud Planning & Design Services

If you are planning on moving to the cloud, or creating a new cloud application. There are a dizzying number of tools available. Having produced many cloud systems from the ground up, we have exposure to designing platforms with an emphasis on security and scalability. A key driver for us is maximum value for minimal expense.

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Cloud Configuration & Migration Projects

If you are looking for someone to apply the optimal configuration to your cloud, add extra security, or just fine tuning the scale of each component, we have carried out these services for many of our clients. Alternatively if you have a legacy system that you wih to migrate to the cloud this is also something we can assist with.

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Cloud Reviews & Cost Analysis Reports

We are passionate about our customers getting the most from their cloud. Whether your cloud is struggling to keep up with your demands, or sitting idle and wasting your budget, We can offer assistance and advice. We have already saved our customers over £150,000 annually!


Traditionally software providers pushed their own tools, this led to very specific sets of software that would commonly be used together. With the arrival of the cloud, this model has drastically changed. Cloud providers are less concerned about the specific tool you use, as long as you are using their platform over their rivals. This has completely revolutionalised the available tools, with each cloud provider offering 100s of different tools and services.

The role of the architect is no longer just a case of picking three of four sets of software with the same branding. This is where we come in. With 100s of tools to choose from and roughly 10-15 tools capable of carrying out each task, we are here to advise and guide in the planning and selection, configuration and implementation, and support and maintenance.

As a Microsoft Partner, we are most accustomed to working with Microsoft Azure. Although, we have worked with both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) on behalf of our clients.

Next Steps

Whether you're new to the cloud or you're looking for assistance with something a little larger. We are available to review and advise on how to make the most of the benefits the cloud has to offer.

Reach Out

Please get in touch, we are happy to have no obligation discussions around your current position. If you choose to go ahead we will outline a roadmap detailing how we can optimise and improve the value delivered by your cloud.