After becoming a Microsoft Partner, we have been exploring how this new relationship can deliver more value to our customers.

For our software development customers, this is easy. We can share our best practice and knowledge, long after a development project is complete through on-going infrastructure and environment support.

As our Microsoft Silver Partner Specialisms lie in Data and Cloud products, we wanted to make sure that our customers are getting the very best out of their cloud solutions. The answer for us was to become a CSP.

What is a CSP?

While this isn't a new concept, the approach is relatively new and demonstrates a shift in approach from Microsoft. Traditionally Microsoft Partners have focused on the reselling of licenses, while the new approach requires partners to add value instead of just selling. Alongside this, Azure has been added as an item that can be overseen by a partner. This is something that we have undertaken and built a range of value-add services around.

Because we specialise in software development, this affords us the unique position that we can not only support our customers Azure environments, we can offer advice around software architecture, cost optimisation and security improvements.

Simply put, a CSP is a cloud's best friend, partner and collaborator.

How do we become your CSP?

To become partners there's a couple of things that need to happen. Firstly, an agreement with Microsoft needs to be signed, secondly, an agreement between a client and ourselves.

Once the boring stuff is out of the way, we would work with your technical teams to migrate your application(s) to a new tenant. This provides a clean slate from which security best practice can be implemented. This also allows applications to be separated to improve billing.

What value do we add?

The first noticeable difference when working with us as a CSP, is there is no $100+ a month support charge from Microsoft. By collaborating with STaC Solutions, this is something that we undertake. We are responsible for 1st and 2nd line support of the infrastructure including product advice and onboarding. If there is something that we cannot resolve we have access to Microsoft at the $15,000pa support tier. so all in, a saving of $1200, with additional services provided, normally costing $15,000, included.

With all the environments we manage, we are looking to create best in class configurations, this includes security. We follow best practice guidelines laid out by Microsoft as well as constantly monitoring through the Microsoft security center. Where security requirements would incur additional cost or could negatively impact the agility of the business, we are happy to discuss and find alternatives. This is an ideal route to ensure your cloud is compliant with many different standards ranging from ISO 27001, SOC TSP, PCI DSS and Azure CIS.

Last but not least, we are experts in cost reduction. This is something that we offer as consultancy to our customers. Through this we have saved our customers £100,000s a year. However, to get the most of cost reduction this needs managing on an on-going basis. As part of our offering, we have created our own billing solution that provides clear concise information as to where cloud costs are being allocated. This insight not only allows us to provide recommendations on how to reduce costs, but also informs business strategy as to the cost of solutions and products.

Still not convinced?

The beauty of CSP is that it is a partnership. As such, we can tailor our offering to specifically target your pain points and turn your cloud into the promised ideal.

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