We have improved our partnership with Microsoft to become a Silver partner. This means we have been recognised by Microsoft as being able to deliver quality services and puts us in the top 5% worldwide of Microsoft providers.

What is Silver Partnership?

Being awarded a silver partnership means that we have met a high standard of training, technical performance, service quality & customer care. It means we've proven to Microsoft that we have the knowledge and skills to deliver their products with expertise, and they've given us this 'badge of honour' so that our clients know that they're getting a top quality service with us.

It also means that we have access to more of Microsoft's tools and training programs to help our team grow their skills further, and access to more bespoke development tools to create the best possible solutions for our clients.

Areas of expertise

A silver award is given to companies who can prove that they have specialised knowledge in particular areas, and at STaC Solutions our specialisms are:

Azure Data Analytics

STaC Solutions has demonstrated our ability to create business intelligence solutions using our client's data sources. We have proven our proficiency in modelling and visualising data, connecting data sources to create business knowledge and  performing data transformations. STaC Solutions are big believers in the power of data and have been recognised for our ability to transform this data into business insights. We've worked with all sizes of data from very small samples right up to hundreds of millions of records and have seen the impact it can have on a business' ability to plan for the future.

Cloud Hosting

We have also been recognised for our technical capabilities in working with the cloud. This includes migrating, deploying and maintaining services and cloud applications on Microsoft Azure. If you're working with an on premise legacy system or data center and want to take the leap to the cloud, STaC Solutions are Microsoft certified to help manage this in the smoothest way possible.

If you think your company is ready for either of these transformative services, you can email us here, tweet us over on Twitter, or message us on LinkedIn