It's our third birthday! We celebrated by asking everyone who wanted to, to create a piece of artwork for the occasion.

One of our managers is king of the analogy. Recently he missed the mark with an analogy about an "emotional horse" which has since become a bit of a mascot for the company.

A line sketch of a computer with a monitor that reads "HAPPY BIRHTDAY STAC!". There are two cats popping out from behind the computer, one hanging over the screen and one batting the mouse.
An accurate depiction of working in the STaC head office.

A digital illustration of a white horse with a cowgirl riding on the back. There are rolling green fields and the sky has binary. The horse has a melancholy look on it's face and a speech bubble that reads "sigh, I feel everything.".
An emotional horse.

An illustration of a girl with long dark hair sitting at a desk working on a laptop. She has a bonsai tree on the windowsill and a lamp pointing at her desk. There is a cup of coffee next to her.
Some real talent at STaC!

A poem that reads: "There once was a tech company called STaC. Whose code did not lack. Unlike their discourse, mainly about an emotional horse, which got the director much flack".
Finally, one member of the team went in a different direction and wrote a poem.

Thank you to all our staff who make coming to work a delight. Here's to many more successes in the years to come!