How do you choose the right tech tools for your business?

Choosing the right software tools for your business can take time. Anticipating what actions and challenges are up ahead, managing budget, reading reams of reviews. It's a lot to do when you are looking to balance costs with productivity. Whether it’s the latest software architecture or the best kaban board, these things can take a while and often lead to accidental procrastination.

Where do you start?

In a lot of cases, you can find yourself locked into a sofware tool for an extended period of time. This can be due to the cost of the tool itself, the cost of training or the disruption of switching. However, taking a step back, assessing your tool set and asking 'what do I *actually* need to get done' will help you gain clarity. It's this approach that will be benefical in the long term.

To-mato vs. To-marto

In actuality, many tools are very comparable. Just because one has a more recognisable name doesn't mean it's the best for the job. It's worth researching, especially as it can really help save you and your business money.

Assess Your Options

Choosing software tools is not a process to rush. There is value in slowing the selection process, to really assess the tools you are interested in.

If you're looking at tools to tighten up your processes, switching from no-kanban to kanban can be a game changer (if used correctly!) Looking to step up your software? If you’re struggling to decide on a monolith, microservice or severless approach, there's no reason you can't effectively choose all of them. Embrace the aspects of each that appeal to you.

What's Right For You

The tools you choose for your software project shouldn't leave you feeling stuck. Tools are supposed to help and open doors, so that your project and team can easily move forward. If a tool your using isn't getting the result you want, you need to give time over to reevaluate for change.

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