If software is the spaceship used to navigate the tech universe, then developers are the astronauts that keep the spaceship flying. From the initial build to keeping up the repairs, developers maintain the software spaceship. An important job, as it is software that carries businesses to new, unexplored (and untested) frontiers.

Astronauts and Spaceships huh?

Software and spaceships are complicated mechanisms that perform multiple different functions. Someone needs to keep an eye on them. Like astronauts, the range of tasks a developer can undertake is pretty varied. From small fixes to full-on overhauls, developers work on both the detail and the larger picture.

Peril in the Cosmos

Remember how stressful watching 'Gravity' was? Software developers also operate under extremes (thankfully not as physically terrifying). This is just to keep the software operating, which in turn keeps the business going. Like an astronaut, developers need to respond to problems quickly with a cool, logical head. One mistake can rack up costs, or end up stranding the business in space.

The Right Time to Lift Off

Developers, like astronauts, undertake specialist training. They have an unobstructed overview: something quite important in order to tailor tasks to get specific results.

As simple as this sounds, a developer understands how the software works. A big bang launch, as tempting as it may be, can often lead to products not getting off the ground. Having a developer that knows the ins and outs of software will lead to the development of something robust with longevity. After all, you want your spaceship to see you through your journey.

My software spaceship broke down and now we're just floating around

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