We've recently talked about different jobs within software teams. Business analysts, quality teams and software developers: all vital roles to the success of a project. But is it possible that one of these roles is more difficult than the others?

When we think about roles within a software project, we think of these roles as hats. You put your business analyst hat on when thinking about business requirements, you put your developer hat on when thinking about the software mechanisms. And so on.

So if a software job means wearing a particular 'hat' for that role, does anyone have the hardest hat to wear?

So who has the most diffcult software job then?

This is a trick question. No role is easier as they all come with their own challenges. Software developers have to adapt to different software needs, business analysts have to navigate different stakeholders and quality teams have to keep the whole thing from metaphorically exploding.

All of them are essential, although they do take different guises depending on the business itself and processes already put in place.

Let's rephrase: What makes a software job challenging?

As we discussed in our blog on the importance of communication in software projects, communication is *absolutely* key in the success of a software project. It can also be the key source of challenge in the project. So the question is less about what job is more diffcult, but more about how to minimise the impact that challenges have and how this is communicated with a team. If a solid communication strategy is in place, all roles can effectively contribute and great software can be produced.

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